What is every rider's worst nightmare? Tearing an ACL, getting caught in an avalanche or not having this season's must-have goggles?

All pretty terrifying concepts, but for some the biggest on-hill fears are rooted in chairlifts: falling over getting on, falling over getting off and falling off whilst going along.

But other than that, you generally feel reasonably safe whilst riding the chair up, other than a few "imagine if it just fell off" chats there's no real risk.

Oh right, there is.

The chairlift in this video is at Alta Patagonia, Argentina. The original filmer Mati Bottaro happened to have his helmet cam turned on during heavy winds and caught the moment when him and his friends were thrown to earth.

According to him he showed the resort the footage and they promised to take action, but twelve months later there has been another incident like this and no sign of any new safety measures.

Here is the original text that accompanied the video (translation by Unofficial Networks):

“Exactly one year ago today that Jime and Jose with my had an accident in a cathedral hill chairlift. Our intention was always to show this video, we did not want exposed.

The truth is that at that time, staff of the company that has the concession of the hill Alta Patagonia, and even the owner came to us and after they see the video promised not to operate the lifts until they have the necessary modifications so this does not happen again.

The problem is that this did not happen and that is the real reason for the complaint, now a year old still works the same way last week, there was another accident.

It is a shame that such a beautiful city as Bariloche be overshadowed by something like this.

For myself and on behalf of my cousin Jimena Naife Jose Verdu and we’re going to stay calm as our only condition was that this does not happen again, and we see repeated.

And where you’re going on vacation? …"