Peace Pipe! You know, that thing with Danny Davis, a guitar and some green bottles of what might be sugary piss? Oh wait, that's called Peace Park. But it used to be called Peace Pipe? And this is still called Peace Pipe, but was around before the original? No, this is the original? We're more confused than a contest rider studying up on next year's world tour rankings.

Only joking! Apparently, Carinthia Parks have been running their own Peace Pipe event for ten years now - bulldozing the spring remnants of their halfpipe into an end of season slush fest for the locals and visiting celebs. The likes of Shaun Murphy, Max Lyons, Rory Bruder, Nate Haust, Steve Lauder, Jake Gaudet, Maggie Leon, Cole Navin, TJ Fitzgerald, & Zeb Powell were all in attendance this year - things sure got duuurty.