Kevin Bäckström has been causing quite the stir recently. If you haven't already heard, he recently got booted off the Swedish Snowboard team for posting some stuff on his Instagram and mouthing off at some journalists on his blog after he was criticised for showing his blurred out junk in the last episode of BYND X MDLS. Read our article and the debate that ensued for the full details. Kevin's friend and BYND X MDLS co-star Tor Lundström also quit the team following the decision - touching right?

Here's the second episode from the pair and aside from that rather crass intro it's all harmless stuff, featuring some shredding at their home mountain Ulricehamn, partying and Oslo urban riding with cameo appearances from Ethan Morgan, Halldor Helgason and Jonas Steen, and Jakob Edman.

They may no longer be on the Swedish team but we reckon they'll be just fine. After all, they're beyond medals right?