Here's an interesting 5 minute mini-movie from burn exploring the differences (and similarities) between contest riding and backcountry. With riding and commentary from Gigi Rüf, Mathieu Crepel, Arthur Longo, Stale Sandbech, Werni Stock and Ulrik Badertscher this is actually pretty engaging stuff and we think burn have done a really good job with this one. It's interesting how the two aspects can sort of seem a world apart but how in reality, progress in one will often eventually trickle through to the other. Take the triple cork for example - first pioneered by Torstein Horgmo in the park, then stomped in a contest over a year later and put down in the backcountry soon after that. Even though there are relatively few riders who are exceptional at both, the progress and ideas in snowboarding seems to transcend the different riding styles - exactly what we need for the sport as a whole to grow.