By now you may be bored of what some of the less-imaginative corners of the internet are calling #corkgate, but we could still watch him spin for days... for days.

Even more so now that Red Bull have put together a behind the scenes look at how the quad came about/Billy Morgan goofing off, brilliantly filmed by the London-based Shade Media. Not only that, but it shines a much-deserved light on GB Park & Pipe coach and mastermind Hamish McKnight - equally responsible for 'ruining snowboarding'.

There are emotional highs and lows - you've been warned - but overall this is a great testament to a feat that will be remembered for years and years to come.

Don't forget to check out our own interview with Billy, conducted just as he was landing back in the UK the day after landing what we like to call 'The Troll.'