The Bent Metal brigade hit Hood and produce one of the sickest edits of the summer.

Bent Metal have been going hard with their team program of late, and this summer nigh-on the entire crew powered up to Mt Hood for a few days of hot lapping at HCSC. There's an onslaught of fire and fury in this, the likes of which even Donald Trump would find hard to imagine, so click on play, enjoy the silence and the noise.


“What kind of burrito you thinking?" “Maybe Chicken."

A look at the ebb and flow of a High Cascade Snowboard Camp session with the BMBW team.

Featuring: Forest Bailey, Sean Genovese, Brandon Reis, Max Warbington, Phil Hansen, Ted Borland, Ryan Paul, Matteo Soltane, Jesse Burtner, Dave Marx, Alex Lopez.

Music: “MTA" by Flowers of Evil

Filmed and edited by: Sean Lucey

Additional filming by: Jesse Burtner and Dave Marx