There's something really refreshing about watching an edit that represents a departure from the norm. One that takes a totally unique approach, uses a clever concept, or in this case, is shot in a format that we just don't see every day.

Super 8 is a film format released back in the 60s by Kodak on, as the name hints at, special 8mm film, and produces the kind of grainy, stylised shot that is oh-so-hip at the moment.

Of course, filmer Morgan Cope is by no means the first to shoot snowboarding on Super 8, with Absinthe's Justin Hostynek being a long standing advocator of keeping things analog. And don't forget Gigi Rüf and Nicholas Müller - who both have a soft spot for shooting on Super 8.

Check out this rad Super 8 edit of Lewis Sonvico (not to be confused with Lewis' coaching company SuperRad of course...), Chris Kyte, JJ Jones and Luke Pompa riding on a sunny spring day in Avoriaz. We think you'll agree that it has a really cool feel to it and is a welcome change from the crisp, HD edits we're so used to seeing these days.