"It's a special feeling when you remember to stop thinking in the mountains and just let gravity tell you what to do." -Alex Yoder

You may have seen footage this season of Alex Yoder busy carving out turns in Jackson Hole - but, he's also spent a fair bit of time based a little bit further afield... Venturing out to Japan - he's become the only American to join the Gentem Stick crew, (famed for boards that blur the line between mountain and ocean) getting down with powder surfing, and branching out into new schools of thought.

Other than the alternative whips - it means a whole lot of new experience, and another iteration of the familiar mantra that turning is the ultimate 'trick' in snowboarding - a progressive lesson that Yoder claims is always an ongoing search.

Having witnessed plenty of the other end of the progression spectrum - we've got to admit that this one looks a little more limb-friendly for your average Joe snowboarder - and as it comes hand-in-hand with tits-deep pow in Japan, you can count us in anytime...