Billy Morgan and Rowan Coultas represent the UK in a big Booter Session in Austria!

Alongside native riders such like Flo Galler, Ali Lindmoser and Tom Klocker, the TFA crew, the guys from LOVE productions, Boyz’n’Toyz and the Pirates - the two British team members held their own, with Billy especially taking the spotlight in the highlights edit above.

Double-grabbing cab doubles is Billy's latest trick in this clip - as well as the backside triple which is looking as clean as ever! But that's not to belittle the rest of the guys that turned up in any way - this feature is ridiculously big, and also happens to look amazing as the sun comes up (see our Flo Corzelius/Rudi Wyhlidal Wallpaper from a few weeks back). A personal favourite here is watching Ali Lindmoser's method float into the distance just as light starts to hit the booter (2.00).