If you've grown up on a healthy diet of UK snowboarding, then Andy Nudds needs no introduction. And if you haven't, welcome to the realm of one of the smoothest riders you'll see coming out of these fair isles!

Here we catch up with Nuddsy on the back of his tour around Holland, where, other than sampling the delights of Rock A Rail, he managed to fit in a swift visit to the Dutch domes - as well as the odd skate spot along the way.

When he's not front boardsliding the rafters (0.33), there's a veritable selection of stylish rail riding for you to pick from here, with the stalled out 270 ons (0.41) and C-rail to back board pretzel (1.57) amongst our favourites. And just incase you hadn't heard from Andy since his Frostgun Invitational slam (and LCL injury) last year - it's a welcome dose of footage from the Grindhouse rider as he returns to our screens too.