We were discussing just the other day how snowdomes (we know, legally Hemel is not a snowdome, even though literally everyone calls it that) should forget about plastering their walls in depressing facsimiles of real mountains and instead embrace their inner fridge-ness and put up shots of wipe clean shelves filled with jars of what once were pickles and badly-wrapped chunks of hard cheese. And ketchup, even though only savages keep that in their fridges.

Anyway, given that it's been a long old summer we had hardly any indoor edits land in the WL mailbox. Good thing then that when one does show, up it's a banger. Of course it is - it's Nudds!

It's the usual smooth style, ironing out the pretzely twists that most riders fail to make look good, there's no awkward torso-warping here, just heat-seaking Terminator precision.