Andreas 'Mandreas' Wiig has imposed his powerful style and enormous Nordic frame on snowboarding for yonks now and over the years, has filmed video parts with Mack Dawg, Standard Films and Forum.

Like pretty much every pro these days, Andreas has jumped on the online webisode bandwagon and has released his own series rather predictably titled 'Under the Wiig'. Episode 1 has a bunch of footage from his #Forum (R.I.P.) part last year and looks at the difficulties of shooting in the backcountry:

Episode 2 focuses on an AWSM photo shoot in San Francisco with Torstein Horgmo and Mark McMorris (AWSM being the accessory brand that Andreas and Torstein started up a year or so ago). The trio dick about on scooters (we pray it's tongue in cheek...) check out the San Fran sights and shoot some of their new product:

Episode 3 again barely features any riding (actually none, to be precise) and looks at the physiotherapy that Andreas goes through for a dodgy ankle. After that it's off to the Vans headquarters to check out his new boots and pick up some new kicks:

We have to admit that while it's refreshing to see what pros do when they're not shredding, the distinct lack of action in these does make them a little drab. Hopefully Mandreas will get on a skateboard, surfboard, or low and behold, a snowboard in the next one.