In the second of our exclusive Websinthe episodes delivered direct to Whitelines from the Absinthe cutting room floor, we go from the gnarly lines of Alaska to an eerie abandoned orphanage in the ass-end of nowhere (well, Marquette, Michigan). Bode Merrill, Cale Zima and Brandon Cocard session what was undoubtedly one of the heaviest urban spots in Absinthe's Resonance - a huge step over drop to flat. Making things even sketchier is the fact that the guys had to rely on their buddies to tow them in with exactly the right amount of speed - not an easy task in itself when the roads are covered in snow and ice. Sure enough the crew doesn't quite manage to escape injury free, with Zima blowing out his knee on an overshot backside 180 and having to spend the rest of the season out of action - luckily the other two managed to ride away from tricks with all of their ligaments intact with Bode sticking a ballsy underflip and Brandon getting a huge frontside 540. This stuff does make you think though: even though this is these guy's jobs is it really worth risking yourself some serious damage just to get a shot in a video part?

Look out for a third and final Websinthe episode dropping exclusively on Whitelines next week.