Massive drops into steep banks, huge grabs, massive air out of trannys and even a few miller flips... This part has it all. Except snow.

That's right, we dare you to watch the latest video part from bendy-legged skateboard sensation Aaron 'Jaws' Homoki and not be impressed. Some of those features would scare the crap out of riders like Frank April and Bode Merril, and they'd have a nice layer of soft snow to land on, not some unpredictable, snap-able wooden plank squirreling around underneath them.

We've talked about Jaws and how he might be the first snowboarder trapped inside a skateboarder's body before, but this just beggars belief. Though we would like to point out that the ending trick in this part might just be the first trick that snowboarders have got to first; Jaeger Bailey in Think Thank's Mind The Video Man anyone?

Anyway, watch this and enjoy, thanks to our friends over at Sidewalk Magazine for sending this over to our eyeballs.