When it snow, sometimes you don't need mountains, or even urban features - for these guys Vermont's finest snow-filled sand pits are all they need. Featuring an ensemble crew formed of old powder hounds and a bunch of younger whippersnappers - Seth Neary, Johnny Noel, Shem Roos, Ralph Kucharek and the brothers Huffman, Matt and Jesse - last winter they set out across the state armed with powsurfers, dogs, their phones and a couple of GoPros.

This is the edit you should be making out of your holiday footage: just the best shots, quickly cut to music. NWA's 100 Miles And Runnin' adds the cherry on top, giving this the feel of a lowfi version of our favourite edit of the season so far.

Let this inspire you! Get out there, shred, shoot, edit and keep the stoke flowing.