When we were sent this picture, we all had a good look. It was only after a good few views that it dawned on me how bad this image actually is. OK, fair enough that guy looks like quite the black & decker in the tool box of life but have a look around. I thought, "what a d*ck. Not only has he chosen to dress like that it also cannot be faked because he's surrounded by so much normality."

How wrong I was. Look around him and you'll see he's far from surrounded by normality which actually ADDS to the validity of this picture. Mate, you are a collossal (add insult here). And your friends, if they are your friends, need help too. If they aren't, then here comes the biggest shit storm the alps has ever seen.

It's like he's the sun of shit one pieces and everyone else is just an orbiting moron.

Photo: Matthew Gaunt