Someone calling themselves by the heinous moniker Boarder 101 (check here to see why it's so horrific) has sent us what are, remarkably, some damn fine entries for our T-shirt design comp. Well done sir! (Though we wish you'd use a different name in future...)

Purple W

WL T shirt front 2   straight copy

White W

WL T shirt white 1

Purple Whitelines - Front

WL T shirt front 1

Purple Whitelines - Back (or potential front by itself...)

WL T shirt back 1

Fragmented W - Front

WL T shirt 1 copy

Fragmented W - Back

WL T shirt back 1 copy

Blue W

WL T shirt white front 1

Like what you see? Think they're rubbish? Feel free to leave your comments or insults below. And to find out how to enter this competition yourself, click here.