Where to begin, where to begin?!

America isn't the most loved of countries at the moment and this isn't going to do them any favours! The stars and stripes hat is the proverbial cherry on top of the icing, on top of the ridiculously dressed cake. It seems we've been thrown back into the 80s with this one piece, and even though people think that 80s attire is 'cool' or 'hip', the slopes isn't the place for this kind of tomfoolery. Let's not forget that this guy seems to have some white, Hugh Hefner-esque loafers on, he's literally the epitome of fucking awful.

I apologise to mankind for this as we were unable to apprehend the suspect. He manage to dazzle us with roller disco and a Richard Simmons workout tape. Damn you 80s. Sometimes you weren't worth the effort.

Photo: Will Blomfield