Breckenridge; The home of winter sports, the home of snow. There's always a bad apple and they never fall far from the tree. Luckily for this person, they've had the good sense to cover their face so that people will not be able to identify the suspect. If you are going to be wearing something that bad then you should be proud enough to show your whole face even if there is the danger of it freezing off! That is the punishment you must take if you dress like a douche.

I know skinny fits are meant to be 'in' these days but this is a whole new dimension. They are not jeans and you certainly don't appear to be the forefront of fashion now do you?

If you can afford to holiday there, you can afford something that looks slightly better. Especially with a huge stack of cash in your hand! There's a cash crisis and you walk around counting your money like that?! You disgust me. Physically disgust me. Physically, emotionally and everything else in between.