The season has begun and we already have some of the eager beavers sending some pics. Alex here got away from his X-box and hit the opening week of Austrian resort of Ishgl to get us a chunk of free advertising and have a good oggle at Katy Perry's festivities. Apparently it required some nipple rubbing. Good man. Keep them coming folks.

Readers pic1

"Dear Whitelines.

I have just arrived back from the opening weekend for Ishgl and thought I

would write to let you know how it went.

Due to a lack of snow over the last couple of weeks, many resorts such at St

Anton Am Arlberg have been unable to open. But thank goodness Ishgl is that

bit higher up!

The weather was great, but quite a few runs were closed and they were

spraying snow all day.

Yesterday's boarding was nicely topped off by a concert led by Katy Perry in

a skimpy Santa style dress which was pretty awesome!

Anyways here is a picture of me backing Whitelines at the start of the



Alex Konarski.

P.s. Can't wait for Stoked on Xbox 360, looks like a pretty rad game!"