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Nevis Range. Photo: Mark Hamilton Gillies

You've probably already heard that Scotland's been having an epic season this year. While we've been basking in the bizarrely warm temperatures down south this weekend, Scotland's shredders have been enjoying their best winter in 69 years, according to BBC News.

It's the most snow the hills have seen in 69 years!

We were sent an epic shot last week from photographer Mark Hamilton Gillies of the Nevis Range's powdery peaks. Just to prove it wasn't a one off, we asked you guys to send in your best photos of the Scottish pow. The results were awesome. If you ever needed an excuse to head to the hills, now's the time to ride Britain's very own mountains pronto!

[part title="Clouds Above Glencoe"]

Tom James Simpson Glen Coe

[part title="Sketchy-looking Cornice In The Back Corries "]

Vanguard Conversions, Nevis Range, Scotland Feb 2014

[part title="Time To Get The Snow Shovels Out"]


Where would you say this shot is taken on first glance? BC - maybe. Scotland - probably not. But Glencoe has been dumping so much that this button lift had to be dug out. Not a sight you see every day in bonny Scotland. Thanks to Stephen Spiers for sending us the photo!

[part title="Sunday Shred In Aviemore"]


[part title="Fresh Pow Over Glencoe"]

Scott Malcolm on his iPhone

[part title="Glenshee In Panorama"]

Iain Maitland Glenshee last sun and it was brilliant

Nothing like an iPhone panorama to show off the sheer awesomeness of your surroundings. Blue skies and no crowds is making us pretty envious of reader Iain Maitland right now. Just to hammer it home, he also sent us this stunner below of some powdery off-piste on the same day. I think we're well and truly convinced.

Iain Maitland

[part title="Lapping the Nevis Range Park"]

Jessica Crighton of Mike Samler

Photographer Jessica Crighton snapped fiancé Mike Samler hitting the Nevis Range park last week. Enough, I hear you cry! Time to get your asses up there.