Here’s one for all you creative types. Boldly treading where few other artists have tread before, and armed only with a pair of snow shoes and an Oxford education in Engineering Science, Simon Beck is a self-employed map maker who spends up to 9 hours at a time treading out vast and incredibly intricate crop circle-esque pieces of art in fresh snow. Those of you that have hiked in fresh powder will appreciate just how time consuming and tiring this has to be! What makes these pieces even more amazing is the precision and scale to which such complicated geometrical shapes are produced. Beck uses a sighting compass and calculates distances using string or by pace counting.

Due to problems with his feet that prevent him from running, Beck’s initial motives for producing his art were fuelled by a desire to exercise (definitely beats going to the gym!). However, as his works have become more widely recognised, Beck has been increasingly motivated by the prospect of capturing breathtaking photos to show off his creations.

Can you imagine creating something like this by foot? What a champ! For more stunning images of Simon's work, check out his Facebook page.