Matt Georges is not only our own senior photographer, he's also one of the most respected lens-men in the snowboarding industry - not everyone gets their own one off snowboard dedicated to them from Gigi Ruf! For this year's photo annual (WL118) our favourite Frenchman was good enough to show us some of his film and polaroid work - a breath of fresh air in the age of digital - as well as answering a few questions.

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Why polaroid?

Let’s say it’s a good compromise between digital and analogue. You get an instant result, you can almost control the chemical accidents and the way it processes, and last but not least you can afterwards do some emulsion lifts and play around with the photo itself with bleach for example. All together it’s just a great medium, also pretty expensive so not many people are using it.

Do you only shoot arty film stuff after the rider has bagged a safe digi shot?

Most of the time yes. I prefer to get a safety shot because I don’t want to fuck up a photo especially when the riders are taking big risks. If it’s an easy spot or trick I usually directly start with some analogue cameras. It really depends on the situation.

Where would you like to shoot that you haven't?

I would love to go to Greenland or Antarctica. Basically a place where I could shoot icebergs!!

What keeps you shooting snowboarding?



Just in the snow world, there are many names for sure, but I really like all the analogue experiments from Jerome Tanon, the unique style of Carlos Blanchard, the perfect shots of Blotto, Frode Sandbech and Andy Wright, the compositions of Rami Hanafi and the overall style of Oli Gagnon and Cole Barash of course !

Amazing location with average riders, or vice versa?

An amazing rider can do everything so I would go with this one. Amazing location can be nice but if the rider can’t do good tricks with style or can’t be creative enough you just end up shooting those typical photo annual photos where the scenic is insane but the riding is shitty!

Is there such a thing as a Matt Georges shot? What makes your stuff recognisable?

Well that’s more a question I should ask you guys…

Do you ever leave the camera at home? Is it possible to switch off from seeing pictures all around you or or do you have your phone out every 5 minutes?!

When I'm at home I don’t shoot much actually. I take so many photos during my six months on the road than I really don’t feel the need. Of course I take photos of my kids and my lady but that’s it, really. Some skate stuff from time to time, but I just prefer to enjoy my time without the camera.