Stephan Maurer butters through an enormous white room in Hoch y Brig, Switzerland

Photo by Silvano Zeiter.


Jamie Nicholls does something special for all the ladies of the world with this shirtless handplant on Mt Bachelor.

Photo by Cyril Mueller.


Rene Schnoller should have packed his schnorkel for this trip to Oetztal, Austria.

Photo by Rudi Wyhlidal.


Erik Botner stalks the streets of Oslo to deal out justice to its rails.

Photo by Daniel Tengs.


Jussi Oksanen butters through the Whistler backcountry.

Photo by Adam Moran.


The Fresh Prince of Belalp – Jurek Ruppen – ripping in Switzerland.

Phot by Silvano Zeiter.


Alek Oestreng kicks out the jams in Colorado, USA.

Photo by Aaron Dodds.


Pepe Sanchez takes the high road and floats a beaut of a cab 900 out in Meribel, France.

Photo by Andoni Epelde.


Olivier Gittler goes huge on this air to fakie in Kitzsteinhorn.

Photo by Vernon Deck.


Film photography master Jerome Tanon shoots his own sprays on a powder descent, bootiful.


Here’s a super arty one of Gerome Mathieu slashing a windlip in Termas de Chillan, Chile. Almost looks like a surf shot doesn’t it? Feel like you’ve seen this shot somewhere before? Look down, you might be wearing it! Yep, this was one of the shots that Matt Georges included in the photo collage that made up last year’s Whitelines subs t-shirt.

Photo by Matt Georges.


There aren’t many things purer in snowboarding than a crisp nose butter in fresh powder – especially when it’s a Nicolas Müller one…

Photo by Silvano Zeiter.


Is it an abstract artwork? Is it a white road trailing off into the distance? Nope, it's Torah Bright boosting a method in the Snow Park NZ pipe.

Photo by Matt Georges.


Nothing quite like a picture perfect method is there? Hitch Haller has one of the best in the game.

Photo by Matt Georges.


Elias Elhardt pulls off a frontside nose butter between the shadows in Bonneval, France.

Photo by Matt Georges.


Bridges are great for jibbing. You can drop off them, jib them and wallride them and they make for a great shot – like this moody one of Antti Piirainen shredding under a bridge in Helsinki. Just watch out for the crack addicts and wild animals lurking in the dark…

Photo by Matt Georges.


Ollie Dutton touches down on a seatbelt grab to frontside boardslide at The Whitelines Rail Jam at Spring Break, Kaunertal.

Photo by Ed Blomfield.


Jed Anderson boardslides atop a dumpster in Quebec.

Photo by Oli Gagnon.


Markku Koski shifting perspectives with this frontside invert in Kitzsteinhorn. Cool how the camera angle makes it look like a much steeper pitch than it probably is eh? Clever stuff by photog Matt Georges.


Nicolas Müller is no stranger to slashing deep powder. Here’s a monochromatic beaut of the man himself swooping through the trees of Whitewater BC.

Photo by Andy Wright.


Kalle Ohlson half-cabs to flat in Helsinki. As easy as riding a bike.

Photo by Matt Georges.


Sometimes you’ve gotta just stop and appreciate the smaller things in snowboarding. Rene Schnoller prepares to drop in Austria.

Photo by Matt Georges.


Dustin Craven trips the light fantastic in Golden, Canada.

Photo by Ashley Barker.


Cody Hierons boosting over the Freeze 2012 kicker on what would end up being an epic day for UK snowboarding.

Photo by Tristan Kennedy.


David Bertschinger-Karg gets gnarly in Narvik…

Photo by Matt Georges.


A worm’s (or is it a fish’s?) eye view of Sparrow Knox grabbing tail in the Avoriaz pipe.

Photo by Matt Georges.


It’s an odd feeling breaking through a hard, crusty layer of day old powder to find light fluffy stuff beneath it – kind of like when you bite into a Magnum… Alvaro Vogel carves through the crust in Montafon.

Photo by Christoph Schoech.


Bode Merrill brightens up the daily commute for some lucky Salt Lake City locals.

Photo by Andy Wright.


Sylvain Bourbousson gets all creative with a backside 180 chairlift bonk in Cervinia, Italy.

Photo by Matt Georges.


Dan Premand straps his balls on for a monster double backside rodeo – or has he just been fired from a cannon?!

Photo by Howzee