Powder Shots__0006_Snowboard_Wallpaper-Jeremy_Jones-Revelstoke-Ashley_Barker-1920

Jeremy Jones takes a break from the mean streets to enjoy some Revelstoke pow.

Photo by Ashley Barker.

Powder Shots__0017_Snowboard-Wallpaper-Jesmond-Dubeau-Whistler-Jussi-Grznar-1440

Jesmond Dubeau makes some spray while the sun shines on the Whistler backcountry while Jussi Grznar snaps the shot. He had this to say on the final image:

“At some spots I haven’t been able to include certain interesting elements into my composition for different reasons. So when Canon introduced a multiple-exposure feature with their new cameras last year I decided to embark on a series where I would add and emphasize these elements in the final image. Whether it was artwork, texture, weather element, structure or just an abstract I would stay at the spot after the action shot, explore the area and complete the image." – Jussi Grznar

Powder Shots__0015_Snowboard-Wallpaper-Fredi-Kalbermatten-c-Silvano-Zeiter-1920

Fredi Kalbermatten butters through the red mist in Saas-Fee with Silvano Zeiter behind the lens.

Powder Shots__0008_Snowboard-Wallpaper-AK-Lines-Daniel-Tengs-1920

Daniel Tengs shoots the aftermath of two Alaskan lines by Fredrik Evensen and Elias Elhardt.

Powder Shots__0020_Snowboard-Wallpaper-Rusty-Ockenden-1920x1080

Rusty Ockenden launches over an ice gap in the backcountry of Pemberton, BC.

Powder Shots__0013_Snowboard-Wallpaper-Elias-Elhardt-1920x1080

Elias Elhardt, going with the flow during filming with the Pirates crew – check out his full part here, it’s one of the best of the year!

Photo by Daniel Tengs.

Powder Shots__0010_Snowboard-Wallpaper-Brandon-Cocard-1920X1080

Brandon Cocard, lost behind the curtain in San Martino di Castrozza, Italy.

Photo by Matt Georges.

Powder Shots__0023_WL_wallpaper_1920x1080_Lienes

Bjorn Leines – this man knows no boundaries, whether it’s hitting the streets of Minnesota or throwing a stylish 7 in the backcountry. 18 years a pro and he’s still killing it.

Photo by Vernon Deck.

Powder Shots__0003_Nicolas_Muller_snowboard_wallpaper_1920x1080

It’s often said that Nicolas Muller has one of the most iconic methods in snowboarding. Looking at this, you’d surely be a fool to disagree.

Photo by Silvano Zieter.

Powder Shots__0000_Austin-Smith_snowboard_wallpaper_1920x1080

Austin Smith spray painting a clean white canvas. Photo by Andy Wright.

Powder Shots__0002_Manuel_Diaz_snowboard_wallpaper_1920x1080

Manuel Diaz sending it in Alaska while filming for Never Not. A near-unknown just two seasons ago this Chilean is fast becoming recognised as one of the best freeriders on the planet.

Powder Shots__0001_DBK_snowboard_wallpaper_1920x1080

Cowabunga! DBK cranks out a method in St Moritz. Photo by Silvano Zeiter.

Powder Shots__0004_Snowboard_wallpaper_Basti-Rittig1920x1080

Basti Rittig boosts a floaty backside 540 over the snow dunes so smooth they’d rival anything in the Sahara. Photo by Lorenz Holder.

Powder Shots__0021_Snowboard-Wallpaper-Scotty-Lago-Alaska-1920x1080

Scotty Lago kicks up a rooster tail (or should that be peacock tail?) in Alaska. Photo by Aaron Dodds.

Powder Shots__0011_Snowboard-Wallpaper-Danny-Davis-Methven-NZ-1920x1080

Danny Davis soars over solid chunks of blue, kiwi ice in Methven, New Zealand. Photo by Jeff Curtes.

Powder Shots__0014_Snowboard-Wallpaper-Eric-Jackson-Arlberg-1920x1080

Eric Jackson gets all silhouetted off a windlip in the Arlberg. Photo by Andy Wright.

Powder Shots__0012_Snowboard-Wallpaper-Danny-Larsen-Pow-Spray-1920x1080

Danny Larsen kicks up a flurry. Photo by Justin L’Heureux.

Powder Shots__0019_Snowboard-Wallpaper-Paul-Lambersens-2-Avoriaz-1920x1200

Paul Lambersens kicks up one hell of a rooster tail in Avoriaz. Photo by Matt Georges

Powder Shots__0009_Snowboard-Wallpaper-Austin-Smith-Whistler-1920x1200

Austin smith pines for big air in an eerie dead forest somewhere in the Whistler backcountry. Photo by Oli Gagnon.

Powder Shots__0018_Snowboard-Wallpaper-Nico-Droz-Avoriaz-1920x1200

Nicro Droz sends a backside 720 in this absolute beaut of a shot. French rider, French photographer, French snow. Photo by Matt Georges.