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Ask a straw poll of snowboarders what the greatest trick in the world is, and one will crop up time and time again: The Method. It's a timeless classic, a trick so incredible that we devoted an entire article to considering its significance a couple of years back.

Not only does the method look awesome, it's also the instantly recognisable signature of many of the world's top riders. Because like fingerprints, everyone's method is unique and different, as the variety in this gallery shows.

These are 10 of our favourite method shots from the past few seasons, gathered together over several pages for your viewing pleasure. If you like 'em, you can download any or all of them as a desktop wallpaper. Enjoy!

[part title='Christian Haller, Snowpark NZ, by Matt Georges']

10 Snowboard-Wallpaper-Christian-Haller-Snow-Park-NZ-THUMB

Christian 'Hitch' Haller can be relied on to crank out the best method in almost any pipe comp he enters. Whitelines' senior photographer opts to shoot this fine specimen from the back at a very low angle. Cos everyone knows the lower you crouch the better your photos are...

Download this method as a wallpaper here.

[part title='Sam Cullum, Chamonix, by James McPhail']

9 Sam-1900-x-1200-630x397

Former Whitelines' staffer James McPhail snapped Sam Cullum hitting this windlip a few years back. We reckon Sam probably took one look at the classic blue skies, and pointy, snow-covered peaks in the background, and thought: "There's only one trick I can pull here..."

Download this method as a wallpaper here.

[part title='Miikka Hast, Les Arcs, by Scalp']

8 Wallpaper-1920x12001

Pascal 'Scalp' Gombert is one of the longest-serving photographers in the business and Miikka Hast has been around for a good while too. So when the two of them come together for a photo shoot in epic light, you know they're going to get it right. And how!

Download this method as a wallpaper here.

[part title='Torah Bright, Snow Park NZ, by Matt Georges']

7 Snowboard-Wallpaper-Torah-Bright-Snow-Park-THUMB

Torah Bright is one of the finest female practitioners of this classic trick, as she demonstrates for Matt Georges' here. Once again, he's gone for an interesting angle on the - anyone would think he'd been there before...

Download this method as a wallpaper here.

[part title='Eero Ettala, Bear Mountain, by Pasi Salminen']

6 Snowboard-Wallpaper-Eero-Ettala-1900x1200-620x391

Eero may be best known for his street riding these days, but he's pretty frickin' handy on kickers too - could this be any more technically perfect?

Download this method as a wallpaper here.

[part title='Nicolas Müller, Switzerland, by Cyril Müller']

5 NicolasMueller_Method_Cyril128-x960

It may seem sacrilegious to put Mr Müller at number 5, but although we accept that he has one of the all-time great methods, you haven't seen the photos that have snuck in above him! Oh, and before you ask, Nicolas and Cyril aren't brothers - being called Müller is like being called Smith in that part of the world.

Download this method as a wallpaper here.

[part title='Tyler Chorlton, Andorra, by Matt Georges']

4 Snowboard-Tyler-Chorlton-thumb

Yet another Matt Georges special here, this time of powder-loving Uk pro Tyler Chorlton. One thing to note about methods is they make for awesome silhouettes. So any time you're in the vicinity of a sunset, you know what to do...

Download this method as a wallpaper here.

[part title='Elias Elhardt, Arlberg, by Lorenz Holder']

3 Snowboard-Wallpaper-Elias-Elhardt-Arlberg-1280x800-620x387

German duo Elias Elhardt and Lorenz Holder have borrowed the pointy, snow-capped peaks from method 9 and the silhouette lighting scheme from method 4 and mixed them together to create something special.

Download this method as a wallpaper here.

[part title='Markus Keller, Kleinwalsertal, by Howzee']

2 Snowboard-Markus-Keller-thumb

That cross in the background is further proof (if any were needed) that methods are sacred. We reckon they're a gift from the gods. What?! It makes about as much sense as Scientology...

Download this method as a wallpaper here.

[part title='Gigi Rüf, Arlberg, by Vernon Deck']

1 Snowboard-Gigi-Ruf-thumb

This made it to number one for two reasons. Firstly cos it's Gigi, who as we mentioned has one of the best backscratchers in the business, and second it's just a classic isn't it? Sunset, silhouette, mountains in the background, and a method. What more could you possibly want from a snowboard shot?

Download this method as a wallpaper here.