All photos: Euan Baxter

After we got the word there was to be no Dawn Of The Shred this year, we had pretty much written off the Scottish hills for 2012. However, some regular late-season snowfalls have transformed the Cairngorm, and May has seen of the best conditions of the whole year. You couldn't make it up....

The Cairngorm park is well-stocked with new features courtesy of Quiksilver, resulting in a setup to keep even the likes of Jamie Trinder and Lesley McKenna busy. What's more, the mountain has organised 'Shred Sessions' to help riders get their first taste of freestyle, or brush up on what they've already got. Just about everyone we've spoken to has reported back that it's the best freestyle setup Scotland's ever had.

Great effort from the 'gorms. With any luck there'll still be plenty left for next weekend - see you up there!