With all the recent chatter of great conditions at Cairngorm, we had to go see for ourselves. Sure enough, even as alpine uber-resorts shut up shop, the 'gorms is still very, very rideable! There's good snow cover over the Ptarmigan area, and plenty of fun hits to be found further down the mountain. Throw in some blue skies and sun, and you couldn't ask for much more of a mid-to-late May weekend.

Then there's the new Quiksilver features in the park, ranging from ride-ons for beginners to more challenging stuff for accomplished shredders. Frazer Rennie got these shots of Aberdeen's Jon and Sophie Addison hitting up one of the new rails:

There's talk of a hot spell this week that could potentially kill the season, but we're of the mind that it ain't over 'til it's over, and will be keeping a close eye on the webcams. Maybe another June shred is on the cards?