Although their mag is older even than Whitelines (having published its first issue in 1993) they've only jumped on the interweb bandwagon more recently. But we reckon with their 15-plus years of experience of the local scene there's no way their website won't be one of the best in NZ pretty soon.

While we're pining for the snow up here, they'll of course be swimming in it, and posting all the evidence up online. But its not all about making us jealous - if you're thinking of heading down under for the summer yourself, be sure to check out their snow reports, and the other useful info they've got about what to expect in the land of the long white cloud.

As anyone who read the Whitelines trip to New Zealand in Issue 90 this year knows, the shred down there is nothing short of epic.

So if you're feeling like fueling your stoke and heading down under for some summer shred yourself, check out and get yourself excited.