xavier de le rue white noise

The news that Xavier de le Rue is making another movie with his 'Timeline Productions' outfit doesn't exactly come as a shock. After several seasons of producing webisodes, the boys' first proper film last year created a massive splash, largely thanks to the footage of this insane ice-couloir photo. But while we're not surprised they're at it again this year, we are excited. After all, we've just caught glimpses of what Xavier's been up to in the teaser for Standard Films' 2112 (skip to 1.22 to see him in action) and if it even approaches like that level of insanity, the Timeline movie will be off the hook.

The flick, which they're calling White Noise, also features the riding of Xav's younger brother Victor de le Rue, as well as Samuel Anthamatten and Johan Jonsson. It'll be released towards the end of November. Keep your peepers peeled on Xavier's Facebook page for more details of the exact date.