Yep, that's pretty much the angle Snowbombing are coming from with their new contest to be held in Mayrhofen between 7th and 9th April.


Snowbombing is the biggest snow-based music festival in the world, attracting some massive DJs and artists and thousands of music fans to Austria every year (often the Snowbombers are exactly the kind of folk you don't expect to meet in the mountains, which only adds to the surreal fun). This year the organisers, alongside Hotzone.TV and The Seeker, are hosting a free-to-enter snowboard contest in which regular riders can join a crew of big name pros in a game of 'hide and seek boardercross', dressed in fancy dress. The idea is to find a load of hidden drinks along the course and... well, that's about it really as far as we can tell. It's all about having a good time and entertaining the crowd. After that they'll be a more conventional 'cash giveaway session' with 2000 euros up for grabs to those with the best tricks.

Find out more about the comp and register your entry at