Last week, along with the launch of the teaser for their new movie 13, Burton also launched a pretty rad new campaign called “13x13." And the prize? A Burton 13 premiere at your own house, complete with Burton team riders! Yes, you could be handing Terje a beer, playing dice with Ethan Deiss and partying with Peetu. Best check with the ‘rents before entering though eh (or buy them one way tickets to Paris or something)?

Anyway, to enter, simply head here and upload something that demonstrates why YOU deserve to have the premiere at your place. Entries could be in the form of a video, a letter, a poem, basically whatever really! A public vote via Faffbook will determine the top 13 entries and the Burton team will cast the final winning vote. The 12 runners up will receive ‘Home Premiere Kit’s’ allowing you to put on your own, albeit way less good, premiere. You have until September 13th to submit your grand proposals. Good luck!