A little inspiration ...?

Whitelines have teamed up with Protest to co-host this years Brits fancy dress party. The night has rightly become the stuff of legend, having seen some stellar outfits ranging from the funny (a rack of human bowling pins and a bowling ball) to the plain frightening (guys in mankinis!) For 2012, it’s the year of the Punk, so it's time to steal your mum's safety pins, start growing that mohawk and dust off those tight-ass tartan trousers. How about it then Danny McCormick ;-)?

There are, of course other massive evenings of entertainment planned, including the reggae BBQ featuring the irie skank of Switzerland's most decorated soundclash system, Idren Sounds. More acts are being lined-up as we speak, so keep your eyes on the the Brits website and the Brits Facebook page for more details.