The Saas-Fee glacier played host to the cream of the crop this weekend for the Snickers classic and Popcorn wallride. The excellent park set up included a small gap to table feature up top, a perfectly sculpted kicker in the middle and a step up kicker at the bottom. Saturday’s finals had the top riders from Friday’s qualifications duke it out in a 2.5 hour Jam format with judges scoring riders in their best overall tricks.

Shaun White in typical fashion was absolutely flying. His best tricks that earned him his first place finish included a FS 180 to an insane Inverted Cab 9 up top, a BS 9, and a massive Cab 1080. Laivisto earned himself second place with a Halfcab to BS 7, a sick Double Backflip, a FS 900 and a switch BS 7. To the cheers of a stoked out crowd, Swiss legend Fredi K took third place with a Halfcab to FS 3 melon, a Cab 9, BS 9 and switch BS 7 loaded with style.

This is the final event in the TTR calender and wraps up an insane season that has seen Kevin "closet Brit" Pearce, crowned numero uno. If your a little confused as to why Shaun is top but our Kev is champ check out the TTR 's explanation

Top Ten Results for 4-Star Snickers Classic & Popcorn Wallride

1. Shaun White USA

2. Juuso Laivisto FIN

3. Fredi Kalbermatten SUI

4. Seppe Smits BEL

5. Alessandro Boyens GER

6. Tonton Holland FRA

7. Gian-Luca Cavigelli SUI

8. Victor De Le Rue FRA

9. Rafael Coray SUI

10. Fred Evequoz SUI

Rider: Jonaven Morre  /  Photographer: Jeff Patterson  /  Location: Revelstoke, Canada