Following his missions to Antarctica, Alaska and Svalbard, Xavier De Le Rue has announced plans to shoot his next movie on the ice planet of Hoth.

"It's definitely the riskiest trip yet", said the French freerider at a recent press conference. "On top of the conditions, which can get pretty extreme even before you factor in the falling meteorites, there has also been some political unrest in the area that might interfere with things. I went there last month to scope some lines, and one of my HEXO+ drones was shot out of the sky."

"However, we've got a great team and the plan is coming together. We'll get to the foot of the face by AT-AT, then skin up from there. If things get really bad, we can take shelter in the guts of a Tauntaun".

Longtime sponsors The North Face were quick to sign off on the idea, especially after noting the popularity of puffer vests among the planet's inhabitants.