After world leaders signed an historic agreement on climate change in Paris this week, one legendary freerider has announced that it is time snowboarders played their part.

"We all love riding mountains and being out in nature, but we can't take it for granted," he told interviewers during promotion for his new globe-trotting film Powder On Tour: The Calling. "Just last week I was dropped off on a familiar peak in AK, and the snowpack was thinner and weaker than I'd ever known it. Unless we stop doing stuff that pollutes the atmosphere then pretty soon heliboarding is gonna be a thing of the past."

His message is backed up by a hard-hitting advertisement at the beginning of P.O.T The Calling highlighting the effects of global warming on the mountain environment and calling on regular snowboarders to carpool whenever possible. While scepticism surrounds the vague terms of the Paris deal, it's hoped that this new wintersports campaign - with fresh backing from a major SUV manufacturer - can raise awareness and show politicians the way forward.