After three days of panicked searching, Brain Farm head Curt Morgan has yet to recover his missing external hard drive.

"It was just here", said the acclaimed director of That's It That's All and The Art Of Flight, tapping a small coffee table. "I had it out to pull the trailer footage, but then after that... shit, I don't know. Shit, shit, shit. Travis [Rice] dropped by yesterday, and I had to tell him it was away getting colour-corrected."

The Morgan household, yesterday

The hard drive in question allegedly contains all of the footage shot since filming for The Fourth Phase commenced in 2013 - including the only known copy of Travis' descent of 'The Crack' - as well as several large audio files for the voiceover track.

Curt was later seen at his edit suite, attempting to pad the trailer out into a full movie by slowing down the action footage even more.