With almost 60% of the vote, ‘Who Cares, Just Ride’ has come top in an online poll to determine the Snowboarder Of The Year.

Hosted on Facebook, the poll racked up several thousand votes within the first few hours of going live, by which time the eventual winner had built up an insurmountable lead.

Fans offered several reasons for selecting ‘WCJR’ ahead of other big names such as Stale Sandbech, Yuki Kadono and Travis Rice.

“Winning stuff doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters is riding with your friends", said Andrea Portscher in her post.


David Compton, whose profile picture at the time of writing was a GoPro self-portrait taken on a chairlift, wrote “whatever its all spin to win anyways, forget about it and go score some powwwwww #powpow".

The landslide result increased speculation that Facebook will soon be rolling out a 'Who Cares, Just Ride' emoji to help users save time when commenting on competition results, debate articles, and general snowboard news of any kind.