If you think freestyle snowboard pros today have something of the organ-grinder's-performing-monkey about them, you ain't seen nothing yet.... For your entertainment, Westbeach UK boys Andy Nudds and Matt MacWhirter are prepared to go the extra mile. As WB put it:

It's Trick Tip Time!!!! Every fortnight (ish) we are going to let you pick the trick you want to see one of our team riders do on a mini edit, JUST FOR YOU! Just vote for what you want to see all the way until next Friday and Andy Nudds and Matt Macwhirter will do an edit, just for you!!!! This week it's rail tricks and here are your options:

- Meat pie air to harsh zeach

- Front Blunt Regs

- Back Tail Regs

- Back Blunt Regs

To cast your vote, head over to the Westbeach UK Facebook page. Then enjoy this classic Nudds/MacWhirter/Nangle effort from 2010: