We like Dave Lee. He's one of those salt-of-the-earth snowboarders that's in it for all the right reasons. Once upon a time he built boards on the factory floor for Mervin, then he was a pro rider with Lib Tech, and these days he runs his own company, Signal Snowboards. From day one Signal have been endearingly kooky - from broadcasting their own radio show to producing their own blends of coffee beans! We were especially stoked to see Dave turn up for the UK snowboard test in Austria for the past two years. How many other American brand owners could you see doing that? Jake Burton? Not likely. Signal's website is another great example of their low-fi, creative approach to marketing. It's basically a simple blog on which they can share videos and keep fans up to date on happenings over on the West Coast. Best of all are the 'Every Third Thursday' Podcasts, in which Dave and the team go crazy in the factory and build a unique themed snowboard. In case you missed them, check out the 100% wood snowboard (christened 'The Sled') and the amazing 'Hole in One' golf board!

Keep 'em peeled to www.signalsnowboards.com