And so into yet another installment of website of the week, in which we show you the kind of sites we look at when our girlfriends are away... Today's site is one that's getting us particularly excited because we've just started collaborating with them on a new section in this season's magazines - the first one of which should be dropping on your doorsteps any day now! It's...!

World Snowboard Guide

The guys behind the site have been producing snowboard specific guides to the world's best snow spots for years, and the digital version of their fine publications is a frankly mind-boggling resource. It's got pretty much all the info a shredder could ever possibly need about almost all the world's snowboarding hot-spots (or should that be cold spots?) from lift-pass prices to reviews of snowparks and suggestions of places to stay. The guys have been in the game so long they've left pretty much no stone unturned - I mean there's even info on some place called Hlidarfjall in Iceland in there! We like their general style so much we invited them to share their expertise in a brand new column called Wanderlust. Look out for it in the forthcoming issue of Whitelines, on sale next week, and check out whenever you're planning your next shred trip.