For the latest website of the week, we've taken a recommendation from a mate of ours. Now, we don't always like stuff that other people suggest (yes, the dude who sent us a re-direct us to, we mean you!), but we like the look of this site so much we're more than happy to recommend you pay 'em a visit. It's called, and it's basically a site where UK riders can upload their videos, compare their edits and comment on each other's work.

"What?" I hear you cry "Don't Mpora, Vimeo and Youtube let you do that already?" Well, yes they do, but is kind of different - it's just snowboard-focused and it gathers a lot of the UK scene's amateur and pro footage together in one place. Plus, it works with Mpora, Youtube and Vimeo's players, so you don't have to re-upload your vids to get them on there. So whether you're a budding film-maker, a UK scenester or you just want to watch people slamming every now and again, it's worth a look. Check them out! Oh and by the way boys, buy Boxy a beer! ;-)