Attention all rookies!

Are you one of the many riders who thinks they have what it takes to be sponsored but havent yet had the opportunity to prove it? Have you sent off countless 'sponsor me' DVDs and emails to brands to no avail? If so, and you're under 18, you could be in luck! Völkl Snowboards have launched a section of their website dedicated to searching for hidden snowboard talent. The premise is super straight forward: fill out a short form, upload some photos and videos of you riding and hit submit. If Völkl team rider Kris Kröll likes what he sees you could be invited for a weekend riding in the Zillertal in Austria with the Völkl team. Impress the riders enough here and you could walk away with a one year sponsorship deal - if not you've still had a weekend away shredding right? Sounds like a bit of a no brainer to us! The first round wraps up in mid July so if you're interested, be sure to get that profile done and dusted by then.

Völkl have also launched their 2012/2013 website featuring all of next year's gear - well worth a look if you'd like to scope out the boards that you could end up riding!