We've stumbled across this promotional vid for a new program/app called Epicmix. If you think that's a gash name, check out the vid - you may find yourself transported back to a year 8 science lesson listening to an uber cheesy yank narration. But don't let that put you off, it's worth it for a few cheap giggles.

Anyway the concept is an interesting one: a chip in your lift pass reads and logs your activity on the mountain (time riding, longest single descent, etc.) then at the end of the day you can log onto the Epicmix website or app to see a breakdown of your day and see what "awards" you have won. A Colorado based company have invented it, so at present its only available in Vail, but you never know it could spread if it's a success. What do you think? Naff gimmick, or cool idea? Discuss.