crystal mountain chairlift

In a cock-up of epic proportions, ski patrollers at Crystal Mountain Resort in America set off a deliberately detonated avalanche which took out one of their own chairlifts.

This video was apparently filmed by the resort owners John and Kim Kircher who watched it happen.

As for what the fuck the guys at the top were thinking? Well, we can only speculate but we'd imagine it was something like...

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 10.30.11

"Larry, you rickin' we gats enough explosive to blow this thing?"

"Well shit Trigger I don't know! Throw in another 20 pounds just to make sure. And gimme another swig of that whiskey it's cold out..."

In what can only be described as the understatement of the decade, the resort's marketing people said the result was "bigger than anticipated." Thankfully though, no-one was hurt.

Photo: Crystal Mountain
Photo: Crystal Mountain