Bit of a surprise this: Travis Rice – y'know, the world's best snowboarder – has picked up a new sponsor in young Swiss watch brand Home. We'll spare you the press release chat about what an amazing rider and all round dude Travis is and how stoked they are to have him on the team, and cut to the question: where did they get the money? Maybe Red Bull, Quik and his other sponsors are keeping Trice flush enough that he's happy to help out his old Absinthe buddy Brusti (one of the guys behind the Home project)? Or maybe the company's Swiss financiers are even more minted? Either way, with Gigi Rüf and Mark Sollors already on the team, it looks like Nixon finally have some serious competition in the action sports timepiece market. And we gotta say, they do look pretty bling.

Update 1625: In another coup for the underdogs, Travis Rice has also just signed with Contour Headcams, which should help them challenge GoPro's current dominance. Thanks to Alex Bullock on FB for the heads up!