Travis Rice’s new film The Art of Flight is making tracks in more than just virgin powder. Carving a name for himself outside the core world of snowboarding Travis seems to be spending a lot of his time whoring himself out to every mainstream media outlet that will take him. Last week he was on the Conan O’Brien show. This week he is up for National Geographic’s Adventurer of the Year. Next week… world domination? Not even the avalanches (he causes) can stop him.

Vote for Travis here every day (if you have nothing better to do or are a student) between now and the 18th of January 2012. With your love, support and willingness to sustain a repetitive strain injury, Travis can finally rival Shaun White as America’s snowboarding pin up. Actually we got to give it to you Travis. It’s pretty cool. If you win can we have the trophy?