Louie Vito, Amy Purdy and now Torah Bright, all three are not only Olympic snowboarders but also contestants on the various versions of Stricly Come Dancing: Dancing With The Stars.

Halfpipe wizz Louie Vito made his appearance on American's DWTS back in 2009 to a... mixed response with this 'fabulous' appearance:

How good would it be if for his next part he used 'It's My Life' by No Doubt again? Fucking awesome, that's how good. Embrace it Louie.

Earlier this year - off the back of her Paralympic bronze - Amy Purdy took part in series 18 and came second, despite having two less legs than the rest of her competitors. Pretty great stuff, plus during a press conference she gave possibly the most bad ass snowboarding related quote of all time:

If other contestants break a leg they're out of the competition. But if I break a leg I'll just get a new one.

What. A. Boss.

Now Torah will be stepping up to the plate in the Australian version. We can't say we'll be watching too hard, or at all, but Jenny Jones must be getting some restless dancing feet now: she's a self-confessed Strictly-holic.

Meanwhile in other news...