Get down to a Snowboard Asylum store and pick up your free copies of this year’s TSA films, be fast though as it’s a limited pressing and when they’re gone that’s it.

Rider: Jonaven Morre  /  Photographer: Jeff Patterson  /  Location: Revelstoke, Canada

Just like last season we are bringing you not one but two films, Mountain Stories and This Is Britain 2 - Broken Thumbs Tour.

Mountain Stories was a snowboard film competition where riders and film crews got together to tell us tales of UK riding from around the globe. 10 films made it onto the dvd with teams headed up by Johno Verity, Adam Gendle, Neil Mc Nab and Mike Austin to name a few. Each short film is totally unique, showcasing both snowboarder and film makers personality, style and even in some cases comedy value.

This Is Britain 2 was filmed over the summer of 2008. A four man crew of UK snowboarders and film makers packed up a van a headed out on an ambitious tour of the UK to document the British snowboard scene. Without a mountain in sight pro riders and local heroes got together and showed us just how good home grown UK riding really is.

Both dvd’s are available now and for FREE so what you waiting for.