Oh my days. We've seen some spectacularly bad advertising campaigns in our time (I'm sure you don't need to be reminded of this or this) but I can't remember anything that tops this masterpiece from Les Arcs. We saw it on the blog skipedia.co.uk and thought we just had to share it. Seriously, what the hell were they thinking?


If he wasn't a fictional character, Don Draper would be turning in his grave right now. Not only does it have nothing to do with the product they're selling (which is actually really rather a good ski resort), they've also managed to take every child's favourite person and transform him into the bastard love-child of Jimmy Savile and a Chippendale stripper. What's with the gold medallion Santa? And why the hell have you got your abs out when you're trying to "offer childrens' holidays"?!

Everything about this is just wrong. In fact, the only ad we've ever seen that beats it for disturbing freaky weirdness is this campaign by Orangina. Is it pure co-incidence that they're both French? Maybe it's just lost in translation...